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Buy Replacement Exhaust Manifold for Q7

Cracked exhaust manifolds are injurious for your health because they cause gas leakage into the cabin. This is the time for an instant replacement of your exhaust system. Autobahn Audi Engines offer all kind of second hand and reconditioned Audi Q7 exhaust manifolds at very affordable prices. Our supply and fitting services can save you even more money. If you buy Audi Q7 exhaust manifolds online, we will deliver it to your door step anywhere in the UK.

Audi Q7 Exhaust Manifold Problems

The most common cause for exhaust manifold failure is cracking. It’s not necessary that your Audi Q7 exhaust manifold has passed its life or the frequent heating and cooling cycles it endures, cause the cracking but it can happen anytime without any reasons, actually, these are the materials that form the manifolds. As the manifold heats up, the metal expands, as it cools, the metal pacts. Over time, this will weaken the casting and will ultimately cause the manifold to crack.