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Fully Tested Used Exhaust Manifolds for TT in Stock

If your Audi TT exhaust manifold is cracked and leaking the exhaust gases through it, it needs an immediate replacement. But it is not that easy to find good quality used TT exhaust manifolds at affordable prices. Autobahn Audi Engines is a reliable supplier of used Audi TT exhaust manifolds at the prices that suit your budget. We have a strict quality and reliability check system offer only the top quality Audi TT exhaust manifolds for sale that are in full working condition. Please enter your TT reg number above and we will quote you the price and availability of the exhaust manifold that fits your Audi TT .You can the fitting done at our garage by our Audi TT experts or we can deliver your required TT exhaust manifold anywhere in the UK.

How Exhaust Manifold Works

The exhaust manifold connects the combustion chamber exhaust ports to the exhaust system. It is usually the hottest part in an engine because it collects the exhaust gasses at the initial stage that further pass through the catalytic filters to drop the temperature down. So, when you decide to touch the exhaust system of your car, make sure that your car is completely cold.

Any exhaust manifold purchased from us, comes with a standard warrantee for your peace of mind. We also offer nationwide delivery services to our customers.