How Audi A3 is More Efficient as Compared to its Rivals?
  • November 4,2019
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Things which make Audi A3 better in standard features

Audi A3 is entry-level saloon and very much affordable for buyers of compact executive saloons. In the new model, several changes are prominent in exterior and very few areas continue to be same as the previous model.

New wheels, bumpers and lights stand out in a glance. Doors also receive sharp creases so with a bold appearance the car is ready to make its impression stronger than before. For buyers of used car engines, it is good news that they can have Audi A3 engines for sale at cheap price.

The sharp resolution makes it even more appealing with a touch-sensitive selection of options. Technology features inside the cabin are now more in numbers than before and it was demanded earlier. The eyebrows were raised on standard tech features but now you will get enough of them without paying extra money.

Turbocharged petrol is replaced by a turbocharged diesel

Power units for the whole range are turbocharged and you can select from both diesel and petrol engines for new A3. Choice of an engine generally is the result of your desire for speed and fuel economy. Mid hybrid technology is also standard in all new A3 models so you get improved mileage.

Stop/start function also performs better due to this addition. Turbocharged petrol is replaced by turbocharged diesel in S4 which is capable of 345bhp and huge torque of 516lb ft. With this shift of fuel the car remains as quick as it was but more fuel-efficient than before.

With such launch of diesel cars, it is hard to stop their use shortly. New A3 is not only more refined and cosy in the ride but also strong in terms of power. Road and wind noise is suppressed well to keep the cabin occupants engage more in entertainment options.

Models with petrol engines are quiet than diesel models but people with deep pockets can think of these. Four-wheel drive configuration and front-wheel drive options are available so the range is a nice mix of choices. Quality vehicles with plenty of options would not easily let you see other vehicles of the same class.

Reconditioned Audi A3 engines are good at pulling your vehicles and somewhat like new engine, their performance is praiseworthy. A bigger screen is placed on the dashboard for media and it is standard for the whole range.

On the other hand base, 35 TDI model produces 160bhp

Interior is the most excellent area of new A3 as you get good comfort and nicely scattered tech features. The bigger new touch screen is not easy to use especially on the move but once you get accustomed then you will enjoy it easily.

It is roomy than rivals and it matters for most buyers. Ease of travelling for second-row passengers is much-demanded saloon buyers. Length of the new car is responsible for this roomier cabin. Dark-coloured upholstery is recommended for a better feel than grey and fawn.

The best of the models for the lowest possible taxes are 2.0-litre petrol engine model which ensures 133g/km and fuel economy up to 42.2mpg. On the other hand base, 35 TDI model produces 160bhp and emits just 101g/km and fuel average above 50mpg. Once again it is hard to beat the diesel engine with such figures. Audi A3 engine suppliers offer these units with a guarantee of performance for some time.

As you spend more you make your A3 sporter

Several trim levels are also offered to enhance performance, comfort and entertainment options. S4 TDI is base model and same is equipped with a good number of specifications so you only go for the higher trim levels to have the additional luxury.

Audi virtual cockpit, LED lights, 10.1 inches infotainment system, cruise control and three zones climate control are part of standard features’ list. As you spend more you make your A3 sporter in look and feel so it is all about desire than requirements. Apart from trim levels, there is a list of features which can be included on demand.

An array of colours, alloy wheel options like design and size, suspension choice and safety packs are present in the list of optional specifications with so many other features. You can add as much to your Audi A3 as you want while keeping your budget in mind.

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