Comfortable Interior and Attractive Body Makes the Audi A3 Handsome and Sophisticated
  • August 19,2019
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With smart features and performance altogether

With Audi, one thing comes as obvious; its Volkswagen platform. But despite it, Audi does not borrow anything from the company. Audi has an individuality attached to it which is followed by style is the first thing you notice and get astounded with.

This fashion statement is not only attached to the exterior of the vehicle but it is also prevailing on the inside. Audi A3 is not a big car, but it has what it takes to be the bearer of this brand. For the inside there is not just style, you get comfort, technology and practicality all packed in this one vehicle.

It is available as a sedan or a convertible and in both forms, it is a great car to enter the luxury line-up. There is a tough competition going on in the category which includes the BMW 1 series and alike. To keep up with it Audi has put a lot of effort to make it compatible with all the latest technology and comfort standards to make it a multipurpose vehicle.

Audi A3 engines provide a lot of choices for petrol and diesel engines to give the customer free hand to choose the one that fits. Reconditioned Audi A3 engines are not less in any regard. Audi 2.0-litre diesel engine supply and fit service make your life easy and worry-free.

Refined engines

Another area where Audi brings forth its talent is in the engine performance. There are two engines for the same capacity there to power up the car. It is a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine with all the qualities of a luxury car. The two versions this one produces are 186 hp and 220 hp.

Both give a steady and smooth output when put on the road. In the 186 forms, the engine produces 221 lb-ft of torque. For the 220 hp, the driver is going to get 258 lb-ft of torque. For the first one, there is a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission paired.

The second one receives a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. As standard, it is a two-wheel drive vehicle while four-wheel drive is also available in the options list. It adds more power plus a confident all-season grip to the tires for a perfect ride.

Audi A3 suspension becomes tight when on curves to maintain the balance as well as keep the structure in place. When on a straight road there is more flexibility and quick responses plus the steering aids to accurate placing.

Quality interior

There is no doubt that the interior has got quality and there are really good materials used for the upholstery as well as for other areas. There is soft plastic used for the dashboard and there are leather seats.

With quality, the inside build is reliable. You do not have to replace things too often for the cabin as there is a strong set up you are going to get. The road noise is suppressed to a large extent but you have to stick to the standard wheels fitted.

If you go for the larger ones then the road noise is going to become strong. The metal switchgear is amazing to touch and see as well as the virtual cockpit when it functioning. The only problem is the rear seat space which is cramped for a tall person.

The front seats are comfortable and give proper support to the driver as well as the front passenger. The controls are also in reach for the driver to not get annoyed by anything else and enjoy being in the car.

What are the features offered?

There is discrimination in the features that are offered and they increase as the trim level increases. There is dual-zone climate control, 12-way power driver seat adjustment, panoramic sunroof, Bluetooth and automatic emergency braking.

Some very useful features are reserved for the optional list including keyless ignition, heated front seats, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. In the Prestige trim, active parking assist is also there.

Premium Plus trims get additional front and rear parking sensors and split-folding rear seats. The options do add up money but when installed your car becomes much better for you according to present standards.

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