Audi Q5, A Practical Approach to Travel
  • October 3,2018
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A compact SUV with improved traits in fewer prices

Being smaller is not a bad thing at all. When you cannot buy an Audi Q7 with all its luxury and a huge size making a lot of burden to your pocket then go for Q5. There have been many changes in the much-awaited upgrade and they have made this vehicle a better one to drive and to be in. This is a practical family car with everything in it to support the needs of this category.

The changes made inside also included a better space for the rear passengers and an improved boot. It is present in a competitive class and to remain in the competition the word ‘new’ had to be implemented. It does not come cheap when compared to most of the rivals but when you have a lot of boxes checked then paying a little more may not feel bad. It is not only about practicality, but there are also advanced technology and that 4-wheel drive standard that makes its case strong. So, if you are after something different from the usual lot then buying a Q5 will not make you regret. Audi Q5 engines supply and fit make you feel there is a backup always present if something unexpected happens.

All Engines are Best Performing

It is a 2.0-litre petrol turbocharged with 252 hp which gives life to this machine. Then there is a V6 3.0-litre engine with 282 bhp. Another one is the 2.0-litre TDI having 187 bhp. There is an eight-speed automatic gearbox paired to the engines. The driver will not only feel the intensity of power while driving, but it can be felt in the standstill condition also with that grunt from its engine.

That automatic transmission shift smoothly totally supporting that fast speed you are going to gain at highways. Q5’s fuel economy is very good when it comes to comparing with the competitors. Engine power never feels less, the one owning it can tell what exactly the excitement of driving one is. There is an all-wheel-drive present in the predecessors but for the recent facelift, there is a front-wheel-drive as a primary choice. But this system can engage the rear wheels instantly when the traction is needed. There are reconditioned Audi Q5 Engines for sale in case the need arises.

Ride comfort and handling

The ride is at the firmer side and the suspension is formulized to support the exact purpose of an SUV. But just spend some more and get an adaptive air suspension system which allows to stiffen or soften the suspension according to the surface with just a touch of a button. You can even raise the height of the car to raise it from the ground or lower it down.

This latter function is extremely handy when you are taking the load off to make the work easy. The feature really helps you to improve your ride’s comfort level. But the standard firmer version is also not a bad one especially when it comes to driving in off-road or sturdy paths. It keeps the car well in control and gives confidence vibes to the driver. Engines are hushed, whichever you choose, and they do not create any annoying noise.

Cabin arrangement

The cabin is one of the many things to admire in this automobile. The driver’s seat comes with adjustments until you reach the one desire. The height can be adjusted, so can be the steering wheel.

The sports trim give you the support of bigger side bolster to keep you in place when at high speed. Apart from getting the comfortable position, it is very easy to drive an Audi Q5. The instrumental dials are clearly labelled with neatly placed buttons on the dashboard. Visibility is another plus side of this vehicle. And with all that technology driving this one is not a problem at all.

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