Audi Q3 – The Engines Are Lovely But Don’t Shine
  • September 5,2018
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The Q3 might looks like a car but it’s not like a car to drive, it is more competent than a car

Audi has created a slightly predictable Q3 and opens a mega gap in its portfolio with this Q3 posh crossover. It is bolder, bigger and larger than an Audi A3 saloon and its styling and looks are as figured as a Q5. It is one of the best crossovers in the market and jacked up to be known as an SUV, while still looking like a hatchback.

What is it?

It is known as one of the strongest rivals to the BMW X1 and it is exclusively designed for tarmac terrains instead of going off-road. The Q3 with a raised ride and an optional all-wheel-drive system can do a decent job anyways. It can tread over the relatively rough tracks across the globe. Early last year, it received a facelift and now earn a bolder and stylish front end that does look like a big Q7.

The engine family has been tweaked and a 1.4 TFSI introduced to appeal the folks that love to ride the petrol power. All the petrol powered engines were introduced with turbochargers on all trims as standard. Similarly, the power rarely steeps down the driver on the steep hilly tracks. A powerful 2.0-litre engine was introduced with a Quattro all-wheel-drive technology but the engine was less efficient as a result.

The Q3 engine lineup

The top ranging engine sits at the top of the range of the RS Q3. Its all-wheel drive and an automatic technology pushed the vehicle up in the top range vehicles. The 2.5-litre turbocharged engine with five-cylinder petrol is an extremely quick vehicle in the Audi Q3 engines lineup. The performance version is exclusively excellent with a power boost technology.

On the other hand, diesel engines are although lower powered versions but they are all excellent torque machines. These lower powered units are the best motors in the engine lineup. They are economical yet efficient in normal driving conditions but they feel strained under load and feel even harder to overtake. The Q3 is an agile and powerful vehicle to drive overall and it is a fun to drive as well. It has a strong grip on the road and offers a decent body control. The Q3 in fact, a closer crossover to a hatchback.

The Audi Q3 offers a standard Drive select system and it allows the driver to adjust the steering control and throttle response system. It is the best vehicle in its normal mode. In the sports settings, the vehicle steering feels a bit heavy but the sharp handling comes at the price. Like all other compact SUVs, the Q3 suffers from a slow speed and throttle response. The recommended models are with adaptive dampers which deliver a relatively supple ride. The off-road ability is limited and if you are after a vehicle that gives you some mud plunging ability, the Q3 is not for you.

All the Non RS Audi Q3 models are available with the 1.4-litre or 2.0-litre engines and the both Q3 reconditioned engines offer decent performance and refined fuel economy.

The pick of the bunch power plants

The pick of the bunch power plant is 2.0-litre TDI diesel engine and there is a less powerful version also available with 148bhp. These engines serve up the best combination of performance and efficiency in the Q3 range. These engines have a fuel economy of 52 miles per gallon and these engines are fitted with Audi’s S Tronic transmission as standard.

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