Audi A6: 2019 Motor Trend Car of the Year Finalist
  • March 1,2019
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The Audi A6 offers masterpiece in the art of the executive saloon

Its graceful, complicated styling carries just right amount of gravitas without being a sewer, while faultless motorway manners will ensure even those covering serious miles can do so in the comfort.

Their more space ever inside, while the trio of infotainment displays provide a futuristic environment. The absence of a rotary controller for these screen takes some getting used to, but they are representative of the Audi A6 hi-tech nature, as are state of the art driver support system.

Audi offers the A6 with two diesel engines. With V6 petrol following later, and all feature a mild hybrid set up that helps improved economy and power delivery. The latest model is impressive sharp to drive making it a closer rival o BMW5 than ever before.

Efficient Engine is What for Audi Known Across the World

Engine: we start at the bottom of the range, with the front wheel drives 201 bhp 2.0-litre 40 TDI. This engine propels the A6 from 0-62 mph in a decent 8.1 seconds and to the top speed of 153 mph. While it can’t match effortlessly six-cylinder counterparts, the weight advantage the four-cylinder block brings mean deliver a purer, lighter feeling driving experience. The 40 TDI sampled fitted with conventional steel suspension which contributed to this sense of deftness. The Audi provides three choices with the sports setup, part of S line trim line will stiffen the ride and lower ride height and the adjustable bumper is full suspension set up.

Switching to petrol, The A6 55 TFSI features a 335 bhp Reconditioned Audi A6 3.0-litre engine turbocharged V6. The A6 55 TFSI fitted air suspension which allows the A6 to absorb bumps and road imperfection with serenity. The 0-62mph time of just 5.1 seconds, the 55 TFSI closely match the BMW 540I’S 4.8 SECONDS effort, and the big Audi drives with a refinement that closely matches the 5 series dynamism.

The third engine option is the 50 TDI diesel. Like 55 TFSI, this is a 3.0-litre V6 engine with quarto 4*4 as standard with 282 bhp on tap, the 50 TDI propels the A6 from 0-6.2 mph with similar speed to the 55 TFSI but feeling slightly heavier though its almost 20 % more fuel efficient.

The new Fifth Generation Audi A6

The fifth generation A6 moves to a new platform with a choice of deferral that makes for the best riding A6 a bit firm on uneven surfaces. ZACH GALE said, “The Excellence A6 sneaks up you.” The 3.0-litre v6 supercharge with a turbo and is now gentle mixture with a standard 48-volt system. Judges called it quiet, smooth, and capable. The ride is crisp and sharp, Frank Marcus noted, but it was still possible to get a slide going on the handling course. It rides the big curves like a bobsled on a steel track.

The transition from one corner to the next is wonderfully admirable. Kudos to the acoustics team the cabin is almost reliably quiet “Breathtakingly clean and elegant,” Angus Mackenzie said: Chris Theodore called it a revelation the re-established Audi as the A6 as the interior design leader. The matte wood trim, supple leather and Alcantara marry well with the screen of the optional virtual cockpit while keeping volume button.

The exterior drew mixed reviews. The A6 is loaded with technology, including lane centring system that was hit or miss, and there was cruise control traffic sign recognition, which follows the speed limit to the point of slamming brakes in a transition zone. Sharper, faster and more dynamic than the old car, the A6 will reward keen driver, but still, soothe long distance motorist.

Audi A6 is way Better than its Rivals

Audi A6 has reputation for building large saloon cars that do comfort, cruising and tech well, the new A6 consign that reputation largely to the history book. An optional four-wheel steering system is responsible for some of the A6 handling deftness. At low speed the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction to the fronts, reducing the turning cycle, while at high speed all four wheels turn in the same direction, the net effect is contributing to a sense of higher ones. Ride quality is another area where the A6 is worthy of praise. The last A6 felt almost wooden and uncomfortable over bumps occupants over potholes.

Audi has obviously taken this criticism on board with this model which ride with anew found elegance and refinement. Almost all the news is positive, the brakes are effective both the S-tronic and Tip tronic auto gearboxes shift seamlessly and wind noise is all but absent Audi work with aerodynamics and sound insulation, wing mirrors low and small respectively when compared to an SUV’s come into play here as well. The A6 gets closer to the handling benchmark laid down by the BMW 5 series although the 5 series steering and rear wheel drives setup mean it still has the edge. If you comparison A6 and Mercedes E Class the A6 is better-built interior but match the cohesiveness and effortless character offered by the car from the three-pointed star.

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