Audi A5 saloon is an outstanding item of its class
  • January 15,2018
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Its sleek appearance and elegant interior make it prominent

Audi A5 Saloon is a splendid blend of comfort and luxury

Audi A5 is a luxurious saloon with outstanding practicality and dashing style. It is a worthy vehicle among its rivals. Its interior and exterior is outstanding. Wide and open stylish built offers great comfort and spacious cabin. It is very good to drive and to be in it. It’s performing and roaring engines support it well for long mileage. Petrol engines are absolutely perfect in working. It is very quiet and smooth while cruising. Well, refined engines are its great asset. It is a heavy built luxury saloon with exceptional feel. Though little bit costly but no compromise on standard is Audi in real.

With three petrol engines, it performs reasonably well

Audi A5 is only available in petrol engines. Though without diesel its engine lineup will not complete but all petrol versions are powerful enough and supportive to compensate the diesel ones. There are 3.0-Litre petrol engine and 4.2-Litre petrol engine with two different versions. The best petrol engine is a 3.0-Litre petrol version with 328bhp and 325lb/ft torque. It is a regular V 6 petrol engine with six cylinders and twenty-four valves.

It is quick in response it takes 4.7 seconds to reach from 0-62m/h along with top speed of 155m/h. Though it is a V6 petrol engine, but with good refinement in fuel adjusters, it offers good and reasonable fuel average of 35m/g along with 184g/km of Co2 emissions. It is fitted with seven speed automatic gearbox and AWD unit as standard. Performance of this petrol unit is really impressive. It offers nice and smooth driving experience.

Features are impressive with great practicality.

Audi A5 is fully loaded with quality features. Stuff, used by Audi in its A5 saloon is exceptionally good and with outstanding work ability and practicality. General features are great to use and feel. Leather and metallic touches are impressive. There are Xenon headlamps including LED daytime running lights, CD stereo with 6.5- inches color monitor, outstanding leather upholstery, anti lock braking system, different alarms and indicators, dual zone climate control, adaptive cruise control with stability control, air conditioning unit, traction control, standard airbags with side curtains, folding rear seats, front fog lights, heated seats and mirrors, electric mirrors and windows, central and remote locking, sports wheel, 10-inches alloy and steel wheels, sat nav, ISOFIX children seat anchor points, headlights with washers and steering wheel rake and reach adjustment is also available along with best safety equipment and kits.

Exterior and interior are impressive.

Audi A5 saloon offers splendid exterior and delicate and elegant interior. Its exterior shows the craftsmanship of Audi. Its stylish front is dashing and eye catching. Wide and big front hood with creases on it looks great. Sides are impressive with simplicity. Tail is of great style with stylish rear LED lights. Roof line is equally good. Interior is great to be in. Spacious cabin offers great feelings. Sitting arrangement is good with big seats and good leg and head room for passengers. Dashboard is impressively built and knitted. Well arranged dashboard is wide and big in size with stylish leather upholstery.

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