Audi A4 has Energetic Engines to Cruise Around
  • May 10,2019
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Comfort being another focus the brand has for the present version

Having a little simple exterior Audi A4 still a good choice when getting hold of the brand’s all the goodies have your attention. In fact, the exterior shows maturity this time. There is elegance in the looks and the way it quietly moves on the road.

There are many changes inside and the engine has also been given a power-up. You want a saloon then Audi A4 is a nice choice and if more space is needed at the back then the wagon version is offered. Space for the passenger is very roomy in the cabin.

There is also a lot of equipment installed to give convenience and utility at the same time. Audi is a brand which offers fun not only from the driving point of view there is also enough tools inside to enjoy.

Even the engine side is strong with good handling. Audi A4 engines give adequate speed as compared to its rivals. These include Mercedes C-class, Jaguar XE and BMW 3 series. These have more of everything more than A4 which makes it below all these.

But if seen separately it is as appreciable as any of these. The reason being that it has the touch of modernity in every aspect you unfold. The families who concentrate on style will love the way this one is built.

The engine is responsive and full of life

There is only one power unit with two outputs present to give power to the saloon or the wagon version. The 2.0-litre Audi A4 diesel engine delivers two power outputs. One is of 188 bhp and the other is of 252 bhp. Both versions have efficiency and refinement.

There is a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission attached to the engines. This acts great with the speed and offers a really good and smooth response. The only problem comes when the lower speeds are active.

There is some delay from the gearbox here. The timing said to be taken by these engines is 7 seconds. The engine may be taken as fast with such a figure but still, it is not as compared to others in the category. This is a front wheel drive car and has really good driving statistics for the brand.

If not told many may not even notice it is a starter. Audi A4 engines replacement does not create a problem either for the buyer. There is the service of Audi A4 engine rebuild so as to make things easier if something goes wrong in the present one.

The steering lets it move freely on turns

There are no problems for the handling side either. There is tight steering but this is not to say that it restricts the movements. When on a twisty road the steering becomes more responsive letting the car turn accurately on sharp turns.

It feels like magic happens at that time as the saloon does not behave like this when on a straight road or low speed. The A4 is a front-wheel drive but there is an option of four-wheel drive also which will increase the road grip even further.

There are many driving assistance tools for the car which make it easy for the driver to be in better control of the car and maintain a friendly relation. There is nothing about the car which makes the driver fatigued along a long journey. The fuel economy is also good and the environment also remains safe due to the 30 mpg return by the engine.

How it feels like to be in it

Audi has given some very comfortable cars to the customers and A4 is no different. The interior is so designed to keep the inner world apart from what is going outside. This is depicted through the small exterior mirrors.

There is a lot of space at the front and at the back also. The boot space is really good also and makes all size adults fit in easily. The seats are supportive and well cushioned. There is a 7-inch screen for the infotainment system with easy access and controls.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Bluetooth, two USB ports and voice command. Remember this is a base trim but still, it is loaded with such advanced tools. The options list is also there to make more changes.

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