Audi A2 Engine Reviewed
  • August 22,2017
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Audi A2 is practical neat car with low running costs and well-built interior and its engine is on top.

If you are looking for a car with a lot of bells and whistles, then Audi A2 must be your choice. Let’s take a look at least! The grand A2 was a car ahead of its time. Revealed in 2000, it was ground-breaking in that it used a body made completely of weight-saving aluminium, which – by the side of a range of small and competent engines – made it tremendously economical along with low CO2 figures.

Consequently, it can fight with the greenest fresh cars on sale today and is inexpensive to run too. The exceptional styling was a huge departure for Audi at the time but has matured very well, the A2 still seems distinctive.

It is designed chiefly for town or city driving and its short length makes it trouble-free to manoeuvre into small spaces. It’s notably roomy inside too along with plenty of back passenger room and a decent boot, building it an ideal car for small families.

Engine in Audi A2

The A2 is only accessible along with small engines but then again there’s not much load to move around all thanks to the aluminium body. That said the entrance-level 1.4-litre petrol unit can experience underpowered at times, though it is fine for town driving and economy is 46mpg.

The further petrol is a 1.6 FSI unit (accessible from 2002) which suggests much better pace and feels more energetic, especially visible when joining motorways or dual carriageways.

It takes 9.8 seconds to reach 0-62mph yet economy is inspiring at 48mpg. The most price effective model is the 1.4-litre TDI. It’s a strong three-cylinder engine which means it has a feature sound but it can also be a little bit on the noisy side, particularly at high revs.

Best of all is a regular economy figure of 66 mpg and emissions of CO2 below 120g/km, making it low-priced to tax. Originally offered with 75bhp, a more powerful 90bhp version was launched in early 2004. This brought the 0-62mph time down to just 10.9 seconds while economy remained unaffected.


The compact A2 is very much different from other Audi models but it still rides well. The steering is light which is grand for nipping through town, though it doesn’t present much feedback from the road on more twisting roads. It’s pleasurable nonetheless and corners unavoidably and safely while the gear change can be inaccurate. There’s also quite evident body roll, which is even more obvious when the car is fully loaded. However, it cruises gently and comfortably on the motorway all thanks to a fabulous ride.

Driving comfort

In spite of its compact dimensions, the A2’s smart design means there is abundance of passenger space and you’ll easily take four adults without any issues. The high roof and long-travel seats signify tall drivers can get relaxed – rear space is a slight tight (mainly with two six-footers in the front) but on the plus side the deep foot wells develop both leg and headroom.

Engine noise can be a problem, in particular on the motorway, but the aerodynamic shape means wind noise is least The A2 also drives well and is contented on long journeys.

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